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Naked Truth About Rotations

After Effects’ Rotations – tutorial for Third of the series: “Naked Truth About…” In this video I am showing issues with rotations in 3D space and ways to deal with them. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Rotation and Orientation? We set two keyframes for rotations and the layer rotates strangely. …

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Camera Tracking – lens distortion issue

Camera tracking in Blender – Export to After Effects – solution to lens distortion issue Watch Tracking Tutorial – part 1 Watch Tracking Tutorial – part 2 Watch Tracking Tutorial – part 3 – objects

Blender 2.61 to Adobe After Effects

Usage of exporter from Blender 2.61 to Adobe After Effects DOWNLOAD SUPPORT FILES

Naked truth about: Collapse Transformations

After Effects’ Collapse Transformations – tutorial for In the second of the series: “The Naked Truth About…” I am focusing on Collapse Transformations/Continuously Rasterize switch. The power of this little sun you see by each layer is huge. Some of the options are obvious, but some of you may be surprised with one or …

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Naked truth about: Adjustment Layers

After Effects’ Adjustment Layers – tutorial for Do you REALLY know what Adjustment Layer is? This video may surprise some of you. When I noticed some strange behavior of Adjustment Layers – I found out that I didn’t understand what they really are. After some research I figured out that trusting the well known …

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BS Compositing Bundle for After Effects

Presentation of BS-Compositing Bundle – set of plugins for After Effects GET PLUGINS FROM AESCRIPTS.COM

Pixel Bender for After Effects (for

Pixel Bender for After Effects This tutorial is an introduction to Pixel Bender Toolkit – the tool for creating plug-ins for After Effects, Flash and Photoshop. This is not a rocket science. You can create plug-ins yourself. If you have ever written an expression, it shouldn’t be a big deal for you to understand how …

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